13 Language features for writing Essays

To simply language feature definition we can define it as the specific techniques that writers use for the effective articulation of meaning. This would involve analyzing the language and clarifies the meaning conveyed by the writer. In general, different language techniques are being used by the writers for expressing the views and it will include tone, word choice and sentence structure etc. This discussion sheds light on thirteen language features that can be useful while writing assignments and essays. In order to write effective essays one should know what is a language feature or what are language features.


What are language features? And why they are useful?

Language features are useful because they assist the reader in understanding the author’s point clearly. The choice of language features can vary from one type of text to another. Thirteen of the chief ones that are applicable to assignments and essays are as follows which can also be termed as language feature list or list of language features.

  • Evidence for persuasive language: In assignments and essays, writers can use evidence in the form of quotations and paraphrased content. Such evidence is designed to reassure readers about the credibility and provide support to what is being written. However, such evidence needs to be cited and referenced correctly.
  • Juxtaposition: Juxtaposition is a useful language feature that allows the author to position two different concepts and entities. This allows the author to compare and contrast aspects of interest in academic writing.
  • Articles: Articles like “a”, “an” and “the” can be used based on the importance, specificity and singularity of nouns. “The” can be used to refer to something specific and relevant while “a” or “an” refers to something singular.
  • Distributive adjectives: Distributive adjectives such as “every”, “each” and “either” can be used to highlight specific individuals and entities.
  • Descriptive adjectives: These adjectives help to establish what specific nouns and pronouns are like. They help to provide more details about the subjects of the essay or assignment.
  • Possessive adjectives: These adjectives can help to establish when something belongs to an individual, group or an entity. It helps to provide additional details about the subject and its relationship with its possessions in an essay.
  • Apostrophes: Apostrophes are commonly used in essays and assignments in order to show possession. It helps to show what belongs to whom.
  • Adverb: The use of specific adverbs can be done in assignments and essays in order to describe verbs that explain processes and tasks being discussed. This is particularly useful to express the quality of various tasks being undertaken by the subjects of the essay or assignment.
  • Formal language: The use of formal language in assignments and essays can help to convey the seriousness of the topics. This involves the avoidance of contractions, use of sophisticated terms and the application of a third-person voice to explain concepts.
  • Metaphor: Implicit comparisons with other well-known objects or concepts are known as metaphors. These are most useful in essays where the writer is trying to explain concepts and ideas that are new to the reader.
  • Word selection: The choice of words can help to set the tone of an assignment. Assignments and essays need to use a combination of lucid but formal words that help to express the meaning of the text.
  • Generalisation: This language feature can be used to increase the scope of statements to include large groups or concepts. It helps readers in forming a general view of the issue.
  • Descriptive language: Essays and assignments can make use of emotive and non-emotive descriptive language depending on the needs of the assignment. Non-emotive language is useful in professional assignments to describe facts. On the other hand, some essays can make use of emotive language to connect with the reader from an emotional angle.

Hence above list of language techniques would help in order to improve upon essay writing techniques for the writers. Moreover, 10 Essay Phrases to improve upon essay writing can also be helpful for the students.

Essay Help with language features

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