Top 20 Free online library resources for writing essays

Top 20 Free online library resources for writing essays

Virtual library and their usage

Virtual libraries are identified as a platform where bibliographic documentary service is provided. Use of virtual library platforms is highly demanded in terms of acquiring information for the students. On the other hand virtual libraries also allow transmission of knowledge to facilitate the research process with or without access code. One of the advantages of virtual reality is no consultation hours are required in terms of visiting the need of resources and accessing. Braille texts are also present in virtual libraries for providing effective information to the blind people.

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Top 20 Free online library resources for writing essays

Characteristic of Virtual library

Value of virtual libraries depends on the quality of content as well as a management system for facilitating access of data that is stored. On the other hand common characteristics of virtual libraries include that the library is not an individual entity, access to the virtual library is universal. Moreover this type of virtual platforms extends their action in a printout format and link between libraries and information at transparent.

Free Library database

  1. European digital library have nearly 2 million links of different contents and also provides additional text on painting, musics, television program etc
  2. World digital library is one of the free online libraries created in 2009 to promote international understanding and knowledge.
  3. Bibliomania is specially dedicated to lovers of knowledge and books where users can access to different dissemination.
  4. Cyber library is the largest virtual library in the world with thousands of scientific, technical and literary texts.
  5. The Digital Library of Iberoamerican Heritage is a highly recommended library for students basically identified for Latin American countries.
  6. The Bible is identified as another free of cost online library where users can access material in a very simple form.
  7. Project Gutenberg brings thousands of text and academic documents.
  8. Public domain books are highlighted as free online public libraries where at least a thousand publications are obtained.
  9. Online computer books access an extensive directory of free books that deal with computer science, web design, mobile application and many more.
  10. Book depository is identified as a portal then more than 37000 free books are available along with audio books.
  11. Free books on Amazon are a flat form where a large number of digital books can be obtained.
  12. Pdf books novels in English are classical literature works for English to download in a PDF format.
  13. Many books are a platform where an access of more than 50000 free ebooks can be obtained in terms of developing experiences.
  14. Mega epub is identified as another web portal to find free books that can be read anytime in a Kindle format.
  15. Planet book is a web portal for the access of more than 9000 public to read different text from phone, tablet or ebook reader.
  16. Wikisource is a type of Wikipedia that ends in creating royalty free original text.
  17. Scribd is a form of online library where thousands of students can access in terms of daily basis to upload documents.
  18. Free editorial is an online publisher and library that brings together different readers and writers to digital format.
  19. Free ebook is a web portal where thousands of free books can be downloaded in various categories in English language.
  20. Free ePUB is a platform where 37000 free books can be obtained where news is added weekly.

Use of Virtual and online library for education

Virtual and online libraries for education are identified as an auxiliary element for teaching where the sources can be obtained online. This type of knowledge acquiring process is easy and friendly and designed to support students effectively. On the other hand it has been also identified that virtual libraries also help students to reinforce their learning process in a specific subject instantly along with the providers of effective resources. Also check our article on GED Essay writing.