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01 Dec 2023

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Assessment 2—Wireshark practical question set and report on emerging networking technology

Due date:

11:55pm AEST Sunday, End of Week 13





Total Marks:

25 marks




This assignment consists of two parts and you are required to complete both.


Part A: Wireshark practical  (5 marks)

·         Download and install Wire shark tool in your computer.

·     Go to the unit Moodle site. You will find a folder named by your student ID, and a file has been uploaded in that folder. Noting different students will see different folders/files for this practical. You will not be able to see the folder/file for other students in Moodle.

·     Use Wireshark to capture the packages while you download the file from the folder you located in the previous step.We will discuss the Wireshark tool in Week 7 and 8 tutorials;it is suggested you undertake this task after Week 8.

·         Save and submit the captured pcapfile.         (1 mark)

·         Now analyse the pcapfile and answer the question below:

o   What is the server IP address?           (0.5 marks)

o   What is the application layer protocol used for downloading the file?(0.5 marks)

o   What is the client port number for data downloaded?          (0.5 marks)

o   What is the server port number for the data downloaded?  (0.5 marks)

o   How many bytes of data have been downloaded?     (0.5 marks)

o   What is the size of the downloaded file?       (0.5 marks)

o   Compare the two numbers you reported in the preceding two questions and explain the differences between the two.        (1 mark)


Part B: Report on emerging networking technology        (20 marks)

This part requires you to explore an emerging networking technology and demonstrate your ability to learn new knowledge based on the foundation we laid down in this unit.

The following provides a list of emerging networking technologies:

1.      SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN).

2.      5G and Wi-Fi 6.

3.      Virtual networking.

You have been assigned to investigate one of the emerging networking technologies by the following formulae:


the topic number assigned to you = (last digit of your student IDmod3) + 1


For example, if your student ID is ending with 7, then you are assigned to investigate topic 2 (= (7 mod 3) + 1).


Now pretending you are going to give a 15 minutes mini lecture to your classmates in this particular class after Week 12. You now need to prepare a detailed script for that mini lecture, introducing your classmates to the topic you investigated. You need to pay particular attention to the following:

·        Having studied BIT104, your classmates are not completely new to networking. However, you should not assume that any of them isan expert in this field.

·         A good lecture on a new topic will first make connections with the existing knowledge (taught in BIT104) that your “students” already have.

·     Your lecture should also focus on describing what the emerging technology is, its applications and how it is different from the current approach.

·         Do not “dump”tons of information on your students. Observe the time you have and tailor your lecture script accordingly.


Explore the topic assigned to you extensively on the internet. You are not confined to academic sources at this stage of your study. Write your script in a Word document.


Pair up with another student who have been assigned to a different topic and deliver your mini lecture to them and elicit constructive feedback from them. Document their feedback in the same Word document, and use it to improve your script.

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