COIT20250 Emerging Technologies in E-Business Assessment Help

01 Dec 2023

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                                                     Assessment1:Group Discussions



Assessment Task:

This is a group assessment.

Group discussions will take place in the Week 4-8 tutorials. You will form groups (up to four members)and carry out a brief research on a given emerging technology such as its underlying designs, working principles, functions, capabilities, utilities, impacts, advantages and disadvantages, and current and future applications of the emerging technology in e-business. Each week’s group discussion carries 8 marks. The total mark for 5 group discussions is 8 x5 = 40.



1.      Blockchain Technologies.

2.      Artificial Intelligence.

3.      Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in E-Business. 

4.      Cybersecurity in E-Business.


The length of the each report should be around 500 words. Use pictures for better presentation.(picture should be created by own, not copy from google). You can add many words in image so that each report contains less words.You don’t need to follow a standard report structure, just you need to summarise the key findings of your research. You are required to review atleast 5 resources (including at least two academic resources/ journals) relevant to the topic of discussion. You will also need to provide latest reference list and in-text references for those resources. Your report must have a Cover Page(Unit Id,Assessment number/name,Student names, Student Ids, Campus,and Tutor name).


Please note: You are urged to join the tutorial sessions on time so that you have enough time to present your findings. Failure to attend any weekly discussion session will result in zero marks for the corresponding week’s group discussion unless there is an acceptable reason to do so. Students having an acceptable reason for absence will have to apply for an extension (via Moodle) and complete the unfinished task individually (on a different topic)between Weeks 9-12.

Caution: ALL assessment submissions will be checked for similarity by Turnitin. If you are found to be involved in plagiarism,contract cheating or any other kind of academic misconduct, you may face a penalty from receiving zero marks for the whole assignment to receiving a fail grade in the unit, or even exclusion from the university. Please make yourself familiar with the University’s Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure which is available in the policy portal



Assessment Criteria:


You will be assessed based on your ability to demonstrate understanding of emerging digital technologies, critically evaluate their future impacts, and work as a team member.


The marking criteria for this assessment are as follows.

Quality and coverage of research – 4 marks

References-2 marks



The marking rubric for this assessment is given as follows.





High Distinction(85-100%)





Quality and coverage of research






Covered all aspects of the given technology with enough details and demonstrated

excellent research work.

Covered all aspects of the given technology with enough details and demonstrated very

good research work.

Covered most aspects of the given technology with enough details.

Covered some aspects of the given technology with enough details.

Failed to cover most aspects of the given technology and there is insufficient details.







All references are listed and cited according to Harvard referencing style.

At least 5verygood references were used with at least two very good

quality academic resources.

All references are listed and cited according to Harvard referencing style.

At least 5references were used with at least two good quality

academic resources.

At least 5references were used with at least two academic resources. There are minor referencing errors.

Not all references are listed or cited but there are no referencing errors.

No reference list or citation or too many referencing errors.

Less than two academic resources have been used.


Teamwork and Presentation






Excellent presentation and team work.

Very good presentation and teamwork.

Satisfactory presentation and teamwork.

Presentation is satisfactory but team work is poor or vice versa.

Both presentation and teamwork are poor.

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