Top 11 biology research topics- Explore interesting biological topics

Top 11 biology research topics- Explore interesting biological topics

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The world of Biology can indeed be considered as an interesting area of study.  There are various aspects of living beings that can be explored in this segment of the study. From the physical structure of Living organisms to chemical processes and the molecular interaction within living beings accordingly. One of the most complex research processes in college is coping up with biology research papers. Despite the fact that biology research papers are interesting, yet a systematic approach is expected to be followed in order to accomplish them. Based on this, it can be commented that the ability to develop biology research papers would require certain skills to be accomplished. Dissertation proposals needs to be developed with key topics in mind and find tips on writing dissertation proposal.

Top 11 biology research topics- Explore interesting biological topics
Top 11 biology research topics- Explore interesting biological topics

Ways to Frame a Biology research topic

Based on the views of experts in the field, the following skills would be required to frame a research topic;

Brainstorming biology based project ideas: students would have to dedicate certain time in order to ensure that they are able to frame an appropriate research topic. The following questions can be considered while brainstorming;

  • “Do I have a strong opinion regarding the Biology research paper topic?”
  • “Do I have any sources that would serve as evidence in support of the actions?”
  • “Do I have a personal Slant on the Topic of research in the biology paper?”

Considering the aforesaid Questions for Brainstorming and answering them would not take much time. However, it would definitely help in finding the answers to whether biology topics for presentation are to be worked on. Also find about language features and essay phrases to improve upon writing research papers.

Choosing a topic that would create interest: research topics in biology for undergraduates can be equated to simple research works. Hence, it can be commented that the ways to choose a topic is not clear accordingly. However, the concerned Individual would have to be working on familiar topics. The idea of conducting extensive research would only be feasible only when the student has specific knowledge regarding the Topic. Some of the Tips that would help in the same had been mentioned below;

  • Ensuring that the topic is not too broad or shallow
  •  Opting for popular topics and providing a new dimension in terms of viewpoints
  • Reading many articles and journals that have been achieved in literature
  • Discussing the topic with instructor or librarian

Referring to examples before proceeding with a topic: There can be thousands of journals and Articles regarding the topic of Interest. Having a thorough reading of those papers would help in discovering topics of interest that are relevant to biology. For instance, working on Environmental Biology, a researcher would have to deal with the following prospects;

  • “Thermoregulations”
  • “Hypothermia”
  • “Environmental pollution”
  • “Hypoxia”
  • “Pulmonary Edema”

The main job of the Researcher would be to Jot down the topic and explore the same out of keen interest. Considering the aforesaid discussions on Brainstorming sessions would help in pulling out contents for the Research paper easily.

11 Research Topics on Biology

In compliance with the brainstorming sessions that has been provided above, the following can be considered as areas of Interest within undergraduate Biology courses;

  • “ The role of Cloning Microorganisms and Viruses while preparing medicines and vaccines”
  • “ The History and Evolution of Human Cloning”
  • “Are certain aspects of public opinions pulling back progress in science and Technology”
  • “Is the concepts of Abortion related to feminist Ideologies”
  • “ the role of Oxytocin in treatment of psychopathological Disorders”
  • “ Personal perspectives of Cloning as well as Vaccinations”
  • “Ecological factors that influences Animal behaviors”
  • “ The relationship between anxiety and gut Bacteria”
  • “Are Genes and proteins responsible for development of Human Neurons”
  • “Is it ethical to test beauty products on animals?”
  • “The theory and practice of animal cloning.”

Tips on writing dissertation proposal

Tips on writing dissertation proposal- thesis proposal example

The primary objective of a dissertation proposal is to provide a critical evaluation of the dissertation topic. The dissertation proposal thereby needs to be built upon a formative framework abiding by the research topic. It should consist of the research question as per the topic, the mode and types of studies included, the various sources from where the data has been extracted, and the ethical considerations which were abide by during collection of data samples. Research proposals also need to include relatable limitations to procure more authenticity. Limitations are mostly time and finances bound, however, there can be other limitations too as per the researchers’ experiences.

Tips on writing dissertation proposal- thesis proposal example
Tips on writing dissertation proposal- thesis proposal example

Selection of topic

Selection of appropriate research topics helps the researcher to form more analytical and constructive research proposals. Research topics should be relatable to current issues and trends so that data collection and question formulations become easy. The researcher therefore must do a comprehensive study of current socio-economic or political events before choosing the research topic. For selection of topic check out our list of dissertation topic for writing dissertations in 2020.

Ways of beginning a research proposal

A thesis proposal basically needs to construct and evaluate a problem statement as per the research topic. Therefore, before beginning the proposal a researcher must do detailed cognitive and formative analysis of his own capabilities and also the topic which he is planning to assess. He needs to then organize an appropriate set of questions adhering to the problem statement. Thesis proposals commonly addresses the following questions:

  • What are the various issues going to be addressed?
  • What is their relevance to the contemporary socio-economic and political scenario?
  • Why does the research topic specifically focus upon the selected issue?
  • What are the sources of study and analysis?
  • How has the research work helped in forming an interventive measure?
  • What are the scopes of further study?

A thesis proposal needs to be practical and informative. The questions framed within it therefore need to be significant to prevailing societal problems. Also, a researcher needs to show how his proposal will benefit him and the community as a whole.

Process of writing a thesis proposal

A thesis proposal is generally framed under constructive guidelines. Therefore, it needs to be framed under three sections consisting of an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.

Introduction: An introduction to a research proposal needs to include a detailed background study of the research problem. It also needs to denote its socio-economic impacts and the need to address this problem. Also, the researcher must provide a cohesive review of the various units of literature available for the stated problem. It’s important to start off the proposal properly and find out key points on starting off an essay.

Main body: This part of the proposal comprises the information regarding the mode of data collection, specific aims and objectives, available literature study and their generic overview, limitations and drawbacks, ethical modulations and the time limit. It is important that the researcher focuses primarily on this part as it carries the maximum weightage. It is also crucial that this part bears substantial coherence. Main body should also include analytical view for which one can refer tips on how to write analytical essay.

Conclusion: The concluding part should identify the outcomes of the study, basically a summarizing of the introduction using different words. In order to add subsequent weightage to his paper, students need to add a meaning sentence in the concluding part. This will effectively attract the attention of a professor towards his work.

Nonetheless, a researcher needs to accurately identify the length of his research proposal, that is how long his proposal needs to be and how much time he is going to devout in constructing it. This however, needs to be in accordance with his final dissertation as per its content and length. For example, if the final work is of 200 pages, the thesis proposal needs to be at least 10 to 15 pages.


What is methodology? How to write dissertation methodology?

What is methodology? How to write dissertation methodology?

In a dissertation it has been identified that methodology is a section that appears immediately after literature review discussion. In the methodology section it has been identified that different theoretical frameworks are required to be used in terms of gathering different information for a research process. It can also be highlighted that the observation process can be used in terms of supervising a plan and tackling different research questions. Not only has observation it has been identified that different psychological positions are also required to be planned terms of gathering data for research work. It can be also determined that a dissertation methodology provides a detailed account on how the research is decided to be approached in terms of gathering different information. Determination of clear relationship between the research question and the existing data that is collected is found. Data connection process can be established through a survey or interview process which is decided in the methodology section. Based on the question that is set in the introduction it can be highlighted that perfect methodology is set up along with the determination of following points

Dissertation methodology
Dissertation methodology
  • A recap of the research question is required to be made by a researcher in terms of demonstrating the purpose of the research problem or questions. Word to word analysis is required to be set by a researcher in terms of highlighting the perfect method to be implemented in terms of gathering information.
  • Description for the design or method is required to be analysed by a researcher in the methodology section in terms of knowing each and every fact what different research approaches. Theoretical analysis is required to be made in terms of determining a scientific experiment to be made for a specific topic.
  • Determination for the background of rationale is required to be made by a researcher in terms of obtaining a basic knowledge for this playing innovation and creativity in the research process.

Common types of dissertation methodology

  • Use of scientific study in the methodology section can be made that helps in emphasizing reproducible of the section that is discussed above under literature review and introduction. It has been highlighted that justification and statistical models are required to be provided.
  • Study of social and behavioral science can also be made that helps in demonstrating complexity of working for different questions. Under this kind of analysis it has been identified that qualitative or quantitative or mix approaches can be used in terms of gathering different data.
  • Use of critical dissertation in the art of humanities is another type where application of different theories and made in terms of preceding research work. On the other hand the theories that will be combined for the research work can be effectively analysed with the results questions.

Dissertation methodology would also depend largely upon the type of dissertation is being carried out . Check out dissertation topic list to write effective dissertation in 2020.

How to write methodology

Methodology part is highlighted as a vital section in a research process where an extensive reviewing process is required by a researcher. Moreover it has been highlighted that a long and expensive procedural detail is required in terms of retaining the interest rate for the research approach. Determination of authenticity for each and every raw data is required in terms of providing specific results. On the other hand, it can be also analysed that selection of proper approach in a disciplined manner is required by a researcher in a dissertation in terms of making it a great methodology. Along with the preparation of great methodology it can be highlighted that research work becomes easier and authentic. While writing methodology, essay phrases and language features should also be taken care.

Dissertation topics list to write effective dissertations in 2020

Dissertation topics list to write effective dissertations in 2020

Dissertation topics or key dissertation ideas

A dissertation can be considered as the document presenting research& finding that is submitted by the students in order to get a professional qualification or academic degree. Dissertation has gained a lot of importance in the twenty-first century and involves a lot of research and findings. At first the researcher is required to select a particular topic on which dissertation will be performed. Generally, the topic of dissertation is based upon the educational qualification of the researcher and what they want to research upon.

Topics Suggestions for writing dissertation in 2020

A lot of time is spend on finding a suitable research or dissertation topic since it is a very serious academic work to be done. Dissertation topic selection is mainly done by exploring the problems and facts in the surroundings. Due to this reason dissertation topics need to be relevant and trending in the current time. Dissertation topic list helps to navigate between different dissertation ideas which originated from recent research. If one faces any confusion about what are the best topics for a thesis, then just performing a little bit of research on the internet about the latest and trending topics will help in selecting the best of them. Topic suggestion should also take care of essay phrases and language features which needs to be avoided while writing dissertations.

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Dissertation topics list to write effective dissertations in 2020

How do you select a research topic in economics?

Economics is considered as one of the complicated subjects to write up a complete thesis. It requires different types of data both statistical and theoretical with mathematical calculations. Modern economics comprises of different perspectives like anthropology, sociology, geography& traditional issues. However, by looking into the research examples conducted by some popular scientists & social researcher one is able to gather good knowledge to write a thesis on economics.Therefore, selection of dissertation topics can be done by searching for the latest issue related with the subject of economics.

Find Best topic for thesis writing

In the recent times, best topics for research as per political economy are:

  • “Impact of tax evasion on the national economy”,
  • “Impact of media presence on the process of political economy”,
  • “Connection between human right & justice in Syria”,
  • “Impact of gender studies on economic theories”,
  • Industrial mass production and globalisation in the hospitality sector

Similarly, the best research topics in Macroeconomics are:

  • “Economic forecasting and its effect on a business”,
  • “Greek economic recession”,
  • “Contribution of social networks on global economy”,
  • “Contribution of robotic labour towards the global economy”
  • “Economies of developing vs developed country”.

The latest dissertation topics in case of microeconomics include:

  • “Eco-friendly production and consumer behaviour”,
  • “Ethics of labour vs Cost of production”,
  • “Consumer demand and supply ration in the beauty industry”,
  • “Small business and recession”,
  • “Cost and taxation of the Private Health System”

The recent dissertation topics in case of international economics include:

  • “Problems with Foreign Exchange System”
  • “International Economic Recession of 2008”
  • “International taxation and business”
  • “Influence of oil consumption on global economy”
  • “Contribution of Globalisation on merger and acquisition”

The common topics related with applied economics are:

  • “Labour supply and gender studies in the twenty-first century”
  • “Gender wage gap issues in Modern Europe”
  • “Consumer demand and Quadratic Engel Curves in the fashion sector”
  • “Outcome of industrial revolution in UK’s economy”
  • “Importance of economic plans of the Greek Agriculture”

The common topics related with economic finance are:

  • “Collective investment with modern strategies”
  • “Poverty level and micro finance in the developing countries”
  • “Effect of branding on choice of buyers”
  • “Contribution of World bank on the international economy”