Top 10 best free plagiarism checker to check plagiarism in your essays

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Overview of free plagarism checker

Plagiarism is basically the practice to take others work and integrate it into their own work without proper referencing. Therefore, it is a serious offense which must be avoided. Free plagiarism checker basically checks the writing for free in order to deliver a draft idea about the uniqueness of the essay. The question which frequently comes up is what is the best free plagiarism checker? The answer is no free plagiarism checkers are as much as efficient like paid tools they can be just used for getting a draft idea about the uniqueness of the essay. However, Grammarly, Pro writing aid, Copyscape, Plagiarism Detector, Paper Rater, CopyLeaks are some of the famous online plagiarism checker.

Top 10 best free plagiarism checker to check plagiarism in your essays
Top 10 best free plagiarism checker to check plagiarism in your essaysHelp

Need of plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is considered as a serious offence in the writing context therefore elimination of such issues is highly required in order to improve the integrity of one’s work. Some of the plagiarism checkers also provide writing assistance through highlighting the grammatical errors and suggesting more authentic phases which improves the writing quality significantly. Check tips on choosing best plagiarism checker in 2020 for writing essays and assignments with My Essay Help.

Best free plagiarism checker


Grammarly is one of the famous online grammar checking tools which offers both free and premium services. The features of Grammarly include copyright checker, editing jargons, modifying phrases, unlimited word submissions, complete grammatical assistance etc. Due to the wide range of service offering it improves the quality of the writing significantly which makes it one of the best plagiarism checkers online.


Turnitin is considered as the best plagiarism checker online because of its precise plagiarism detection through its largest database. Generally, it is not a free tool and any one cannot get a subscription for it. Universities can buy subscriptions and then can allocate it to the classes as per the needs for free. Turnitin plays a very crucial role in verifying the writing is properly referenced or not.

Pro writing aid

Pro writing aid can be used in multiple purposes such as plagiarism detection, language improvements, grammatical fixing, spell checking etc. which makes it all in one tool for the writing purpose. Pro writing aid offers functionalities like sentence structure suggestions, keyword planning, easy integration with all types of document development applications which makes it very popular in the field of content writing. It is also proven that it can improve the quality of the essay significantly through its writing assistance.


This tool works on a wide array of digital platforms including Windows, Blackberry, and Web. It identifies copyright violations in essays, research works, and dissertations.


This tool scans and compares documents against billions of journals and articles. Documents can be uploaded by simply copying or pasting them.


It can scan as close to 60 trillion online sources using highly sensitive search engine scanners. It is the best choice for academic and business articles.


It produces a specialized scanning interface that follows only three steps for data detection of files.


This is a free plagiarism tool. It accounts for providing high-ended security and confidentiality regarding various writing contents.

Small seo tools

This Tool provides the exact percentage of copied words and marks them in red. File uploading is simplified through copy-pasting or uploading from the Dropbox.


This tool accords for the fastest Plagiarism detecting tool available online using means of artificial intelligence and data science. It provides results within 5-15 seconds of file upload. There is no other tool which can provide automated data check and proofreading this quick.

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