Top 10 Essay Phrases to improve upon academic Essay writing skills

In the current age of high educational competition students are expected to use multiple resources to develop their essay writing skills. It is imperative for students to set formal tone for the essay and avoid informal words and sentences to get top scores in their essay. So the formal tone would require using specific essay phrases which can build and develop upon academic essay writing skills for students. For an instance usage of personal pronoun such as “I” or “You” should be strictly avoided and “One” can be used instead of these personal pronouns. Similarly, contractions such as don’t & can’t should not be part of the essay writing. Some of the phrases such as “So-on” and “so forth” shows inability of essay typer (person writing essay) to develop on argument within the given essay. One should be very careful while choosing the words to use in an essay as to communicate exact meaning. It’s not tedious task to find good words to use in an essay but we should select them wisely. Finding phrases for essays is easy till the time we look for alternatives.

Top 10 Essay Phrases to improve upon academic Essay writing skills
Top 10 Essay Phrases to improve upon academic Essay writing skills

List of top 10 Writing phrases to avoid for improving upon the academic essay writing skill presented here is by no mean exhaustive but provide a working guideline for beginners. Moreover, author has tried to explore on most relevant articles in this regard and tried to sum up on them so that students can get the gist of these articles and don’t have to waste their time reading all these articles. It is expected that students would follow these phrases to improve upon their writing skills and would avoid using mentioned essay words while preparing their essays. We should never only go for fancy words to use in any essay because that can make essay quite irrelevant and may not convey the while idea. With some of the advise below we would provide example statement and alternate statement. Example statement provides the statement to be avoided and alternative statement provides the statement which can be used to replace example statement.

  1. Avoid using slangs and jargons: Though in current times it is assumed that everyone is quite familiar with jargons as social media offers lot of them in every article. But by no way these slangs and jargons are appreciated by the assessors while checking academic essays. So slangs should have avoided as far as possible and wherever necessary they should be provided with complete definition for such words to use in essays.
  2. Do not use Contractions: Contractions such as don’t, can’t and won’t are so common these days that we hardly realize while using them in essay that they should have been avoided. Academicians expect students to write full words while drafting their essays.
  3. Not using too subjective words: Some of the words should essay writer biasness instead of reflecting the fact through given sentence. For instance, if you are saying that something will obviously happen then it means you think the occurrence is obvious and not factual. We should use alternative words in such instance. One of the relevant example quoted here

          Example Statement: Present literature review offers many good articles.

          Alternative Statement: Present literature review offers some relevant articles.

  1. Unnecessary words should not be used: Some of the words are not necessary to be used in the sentence and does not add value. For example, “has got/have got” and “serves to” & “helps to” are such phrases which are generally used unnecessarily. Such essay words would make it difficult for reader to grasp the meaning conveyed. One of the key example is as under

           Example Statement: This thesis has got five chapters

           Alternative Statement: This thesis has five chapters

  1. Avoid repetition of the essay phrases: Sometimes essay writer would repeat some essay phrase such as “For example” and in order to avoid this, the illustration can be provided through “for instance”. We can use synonyms to avoid repetition of a particular phrase. For example, what is a fancy word for help so we can use alternatively guidance, assistance, aid, assist or support on alternate basis. Another example is “what is the another way to say on the other hand” can be alternatively or aside to this. While writing essay we should keep asking question to ourselves like “what word can I use instead of although”. It’s important we find smart words to use which would keep our essay concise.
  2. Non factual essay phrases: Some of the essay phrases such as “Think” and “Feel” should not be used while writing essay. Using these phrases might leave an impression over audience that these statements are not based on fact but the personal thinking or belief of the essay author.
  3. Avoid overstatements: Essay should not convey overstatement in order to avoid biasness while talking about academic aspects. For example, using the phrase “She was very radiant” should be avoided and instead of this we can use “She was radiant”.
  4. Using Idioms may not be a good idea: Usage of idioms sometimes may be confusing for the audience and one should write clearly what is the fact.

          Example Statement: I believe fancy looking house would be comfortable to stay but all that glitters is not   gold

         Alternative Statement: While I first saw the house, I was under the impression that it would be comfortable to stay but leakage at various places and broken windows proved me wrong.

  1. Cliches are clichés: Using clichés may lead to loss of credibility or authority for the essay writer so these should not be used within the academic essay writing context.

Example Statement: To win this I would have to give my 110% effort

Alternative Statement: I knew that I have to put better efforts then I ever had to win this time.

  1. Do not use filler words: Using filler words in order to enhance word count of the essay is a bad idea and makes the essay weak. Essay Phrases such as “Actually” and “Totally” should not be used. Increasing essay words with such filler is not at all a good idea. Instead we should understand how to add more words to an essay to enhance word count.

In addition to the above mentioned points one should not have big words to use in essays and simple words can convey idea more effectively. Assessors also focus their attention towards vocabulary so one should take care of good vocabulary words to use in an essay. Also sometime we can find big words to use for our essay so that our essay looks genuine and research work. So above list for words not to use in an essay would be quite handy for beginner students. Also its important to know about 13 Language features for writing essays and assignments.

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