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30 Nov 2023

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                                                                              ITAP2005 Java Programming Fundamentals

                                             Assignment 2



                                                                              September 2023

April 2023


                                      STUDENT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM




Victorian Institute of Technology (VIT) is planning to upgrade the Student Information Management System so it should be able to efficiently store and display student Information.

They have decided to design the Program in the Object-Oriented Programming language such as Java so that the design can be updated to support any future upgrades.

There are three attributes that are common to all students: Student ID, first name and last name. Every student presently in the system or who may join in future must have a Student ID. If there happens to be a new class of to display or store student Information, they also will have first name and last names as attributes. Thus, first name and last name are attributes for any type of Student, present or future.

It is also important that system should be able to perform the following tasks below.

·         System should display a Message: Welcome to VIT 2023 Semester

·         It should also display some instructions about how the System can be used briefly.

·         An important part of the development is that the Java Program must demonstrate Object Oriented design concepts such as: Data encapsulation, Inheritance, and polymorphism etc.

·         The system must be able to perform Fee calculations per unit and should be able to calculate Average per Unit etc. It is important that all calculations must be implemented using appropriate Methods or functions in Java, so that these methods can be called to perform certain tasks when necessary.


Below are the inputs that system must support in order to perform the tasks. For full-time STUDENT ID, first name, last name, Unit fee and total number of Units for a particular semester. System should be able to display the typed information (as shown in the output section). The sample data must be stored in student.dat file (as shown in the Output section)




Enter student ID: VIT226688

Enter first name:  John

Enter last name:  Smith

Enter unit fee:     $800

Enter number of units: 4

Y o u a r e r e q u i r e d t o d e v e l o p j a v a p r o g r a m b y a p p l y i n g O O P p r i n c i p l e s a n d c o n s t r u c t s :


·         Draw the class diagram showing the relationship among the classes if any.


·         Based on the use case diagram Figure.1. develop appropriate methods for calculating Total_Fee()

and Average per Unit().


·         System should also be able to display the message as shown in the Output below, once the data has been entered in the system. Write a


·         Also, write the following methods update_Student_Info() and store_Student_Info() for storing data in  Student.dat file.


Welcome to VIT Australia

Enter student ID: VIT223344

Enter first name:  John

Enter last name:  Smith

Enter unit fee:     800

Enter number of units: 3

Updating student information...

Display the Information

Enter student ID: VIT223344

Enter first name: John

Enter last name: Smith

Enter unit fee: 800

Enter number of units: 3

Updating student information...

Student ID: VIT223344

First Name: John

Last Name: Smith

Unit Fee: 800.0

Total Fee: 2400.0

Average Fee Per Unit: 800.0

Student information stored in student.dat file.


Updated student information...

Enter new student ID: VIT22222

Enter new first name: Elton John

Enter new last name: Elton

Enter new unit fee:   900

Enter new number of units: 3

Updating student information:


Display the Student Record

Student ID: VIT22222

First Name: Elton John

Last Name: Elton

Unit Fee: 900.0

Total Fee: 2700.0

Average Fee Per Unit: 900.0

Student information stored in student.dat file.

BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 5 minutes 46 seconds)

General Instructions

      The project is an individual assessment. Please note that the incidents of plagiarism will be penalized.

      Late penalty applies on late submission, 210% per day would be deducted.

      Deadline Week 12 and check Moodle for date and time

Code related Instructions

      Your Java application should include the following:

a.      The code should have a consistent, professional and well-organized appearance.

b.      Carefully chosen, meaningful identifier names

c.       Code is well organized: clear, simple, & DRY (Don't repeat Yourself)

d.      Thoughtful comments, where needed, expressed in concise, precise English.

e.      Code should compile without errors

      The developed system takes input and handles the error in friendly manner.

      Your program must adhere to all the standard object-oriented program design and implementation guidelines including modularity, reusability, extensibility, maintainability and adaptability.

Submission Guidelines

      The Java application along with the Report word document must be submitted in a zip folder on the LMS in the available link. The zip folder should include:

o   A Report document that consists of the components as below.

Ø  Explain design choices made for the application.

Ø  Is it requirement for the data to be secured. Explain the reasons on the choices made.

Ø  UML diagram with appropriate relationships.

Ø  Screenshot of the output.

o   The Eclipse project folder with all the source codes (.java)

      Follow the links in Moodle to upload your answer on or before the deadline. Late penalty applies on late submission, 210% per day would be deducted.

      Incidence of plagiarism will be penalized.

Marking Guide




Classes Student Student-Info Display-Info










Class Diagram






Method for calculating Total fee Method for calculating Average per Unit

Method for storing & updating student Information








Demonstrated Object Oriented Principles


Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism

Exception Handling










Coding using Object Oriented Constructs


Code executes without any error




Penalty Late submission



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