MGMT402 Individual Strategic Analysis Report Assignment Help

29 Dec 2023

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MGMT402 Individual Strategic Analysis Report


Assessment type


Individual Strategic Analysis Report


Submission date


11.55 pm Friday, Examination Week (Week 13)




·         Select the same case/company that a group has selected for AT2.

·         Individual strategic analysis report for AT3


Word limit


4,000 words

Report Structure

1.       Title Page

2.       Executive Summary

3.       Table of Content

4.       Introduction

5.       Strategic Analysis

Ø  Strategy in the Global Environment

Ø  Strategy and technology

Ø  Corporate-level strategies (Horizontal integration, vertical integration, strategic outsourcing, Related and unrelated diversification)

6.       Conclusion

7.       Recommendation

8.       Reference List

9.       Appendix

Other requirements

For the report:

·         Use 12 pt font.

·         Double-space your document to allow room for feedback.

·         State your name and student number in the document header.

·         State the word count in the document header.

·         Comply with the APA referencing style


Submission format


PDF file (.pdf) or Word (.doc) only for the report


Submission method


Via the Turnitin dropbox on eLearning


Marking criteria


See the rubric set out in the course outline for AT3

Assessment Description:

For this assessment, students are required to submit a full Strategic Analysis Report of the organisation in terms of corporate strategies and technology.

For this purpose, students will continue with the same company that they have selected for AT2, Group-based assessment, however, they will work individually on the full strategic analysis report for Assessment 3.

The previous group report submitted for AT2 was limited to environment analysis and functional and business-level strategies of an organisation. For the AT3 assessment, students need to present a complete strategic analysis relating to the company’s corporate strategies involving:

·         Strategy in the global environment (examine how the company pursued in the global arena).

·         Strategy and technology (analyse how the technology has played a role in developing a business model and strategies leading to competitive advantage (in the case of the high-tech industry).

·         Corporate-level strategies:

Ø  Horizontal integration, vertical integration, and strategic outsourcing (examine corporate-level strategies adopted by companies and justify their business

model in light of course-related theories)

Ø  Examine and justify the diversification Strategy (related /unrelated)

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