STRA60218 Knowledge Exchange Project Assignment Help

29 Dec 2023

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STRA60218 Knowledge Exchange Project Assignment Help



BA (Hon) Business Management

Module Title:

Knowledge Exchange Project

Module Code:



Assignment Title:

Assessment 1: Individual Project Proposal Presentation & Ethical Approval Documentation

Assessment 2: Individual Project Report


Assessment 1: 10%

Assessment 2: 90%

Module Leader:

Dr Sohaib Ali

Word Guideline:

Assessment 1: 10 minutes

Assessment 2: 5,000 words

Assignment Timetable:


Date Set:

Wednesday 5th October 2022


Submission Date and Time:

Assessment 1:    11th December 2023


Assessment 2: TBC Next Term




Expected Return:

Assessment 1: TBC

Assessment 2: TBC


Grades released on the above dates will be subject to Internal Moderation and External Examination.



Learning Outcomes (LO) to be Assessed: take from the module descriptor – remember if you have more than one assessment it will not usually cover all the LOs

LO1.Employ a range of critical evaluation techniques to demonstrate a systematic awareness, understanding and knowledge of contemporary management issues associated with the project topic. Knowledge and Understanding


LO2. Devise and apply valid evaluation and investigative techniques to interpret complex business challenges and propose solutions in the context of the project topic.

Demonstrate understanding of selected investigative techniques within contemporary business paradigms. Analysis


LO3. Generate innovative and enterprising approaches & solutions to management challenges which inform decision making in effective risk management as they relate to the project topic. Problem Solving


LO4. Reflect upon and evaluate your research skills and development. Reflection

Assignment set by:

Kathryn Mitchell

Assignment verified by:

Internal Verifier (Sept/Oct 2022) and External




Text Box: Assessment 1: Brief for Semester 1, 2023/2024

A project proposal consisting of an individual presentation, approximately 10 minutes duration (10%).

Within your project proposal, consider exploring the following areas:
•	Introduction of chosen Company and proposed issue
•	Research Project Objectives
•	Influencing Literature
•	Proposed Methodology
•	Ethical Approval

*Please note, these are not the definitive areas and you should include information that you feel is relevant to your project.

The presentation submission will consist of an individual recording of 10 minutes duration. This can be done using video recording software such as Microsoft Teams, OBS studio, using the recording function in PowerPoint or simply recording of your PC screen and narrating over the presentation using a mobile phone camera. Support for recording will be given during tutorial time.

The assessment submission will also include a submit point for your ethical approval, approval must be confirmed prior to starting your research in semester 2.

Feedback from Assessment 1 will support you with the execution of the project in Semester 2.

 Assessment 2: Brief for Semester 2, 2023/2024

An individual Project Report: Prepare and conduct an investigation into a real-life business issue, working alongside the organisation of your choice.


The project can be based on and/or derived from current or previous employment experience OR an appropriate topic can be agreed with academic staff in conjunction with appropriate links with industry through the wider university. As such students are expected to research and draw on wider sources of both academic and industry related sources & data to fulfil the module assessment requirements.


Your report should include a reflective statement on how the experience has impacted on your skills set and employability prospects (500 words).


You may consider exploring the areas in the structure below:

·         Introduction (10%, 500 words)

o   Overview of the company and identified issue

o   Project background and business case

o   Project cost benefit analysis

·         Research Project Objectives (5%, 250 words)

o   Research Hypothesis

o   Research Rationale

·         Literature Review (25%, 1,250 words)

o   What is currently known about this topic? Use literature to inform your project objectives.

·         Project Methodology (20%, 1,000 words)

o   Research Philosophy mix methods/pragmatic approach.    Quantitative (positivist) or qualitative (interpretivist) – Following the Research Onion

o   Project Sample/Participants/Stakeholders

o   What are the data requirements for the project? How will theses be collected? What quantitative and qualitative data will be needed how will this be interpreted?

o   Proof of Ethical Approval (Must be attached into appendices)

o   Project deliverables/timescales

o   Gantt chart schedule (including milestones)

o   Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

o   Summary of limitations of chosen research methods and how these will be managed

·         Project Planning and resourcing Phase (10%)

o   Resource plan should include but is not limited to:

Text Box: §	Staff – RACI chart, organisational structure, roles and responsibilities of participants within the project
§	Equipment – identification of suppliers and lead time for key equipment
§	Materials – identification of suppliers and lead time for materials
•	Project Results & Findings (25%, 1,250 words)
o	Evidence of activity
o	Were the project objectives achieved?
o	Impact on the business
o	Sustainability Plan (long term impact post project)
•	Conclusion (5%, 250 words)
•	Reflection (10%, 500 words)
o	How has the experience impacted on your skills set and employability prospects?

You may consider the following resources to support:
o	Quality plan (e.g. quality targets and quality control methods)
o	Gantt chart schedule (including milestones)
o	Communications management plan
o	Financial plan (e.g. quantify the financial expenditure required) linked to Gantt chart
o	Risk management and minimization plan
o	Stakeholder engagement and communication plan
o	Managing scope creep and variations
o	Possible customer management issues

Task Marks and Word Count
This is a 5,000 word assessment (excluding figures/diagrams in the planning documents)

 Maximum Word Length

State the number of words used on the assignment front sheet. You may include diagrams, figures etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed according to the amount by which the limit has been exceeded.




no penalty



10% reduction in the mark



20% reduction in the mark



the work will be capped at a pass


NB. None of the above penalties will be used to change your mark which is above the pass mark, to one that is below the pass mark. Therefore, the maximum penalty for exceeding the word limit will be a reduction to a pass grade.

Note: Title, reference list, appendices, tables (succinct with bullet points), graphs and figures used within the main body of the report are excluded from the word count.



Useful Information:


Library resources, study and research skills:


Exceptional Circumstances:






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