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29 Dec 2023

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TECH2200 IT Project Management

Assessment 2 Information


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IT Project Management

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Project Management Plan and Recommendations

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Your Task

Your second assessment in this subject requires you to create a detailed Project Management Plan (PMP) based on the Business Case you have created in the first assessment. The PMP has detailed management plans for scope, time, cost, team, and communication, plus a thorough risk analysis by using the Risk Matrix which provides a comprehensive guide and recommendations for the project execution, control, and monitoring after it is approved.


Assessment Description

A Project Management Plan is a project management document that outlines the details of what, how, when and what if of a project’s execution. It is presented in a well-structured written document to all key stake holders so that they can gain a comprehensive understanding of the plan to execute the project. A PMP is essential to project success, and it causes failure if we don’t get it right in the first place. The Risk Analysis using the Risk Matrix is based on two factors: the likelihood that the risk event will occur, and the potential impact that the risk event will have on the project. In other words, it’s a useful tool that helps you visualize and understand the risk so that we can make good recommendations to the project. A thorough understanding of how to write a Project Management Plan and Risk Analysis must be demonstrated in this assessment.


The learning outcomes you will demonstrate in performing this assessment includes:



Interpret the IT objectives and project expectations of a business stakeholder.


Predict risks and problems associated with the effectiveness and timeliness of IT projects.


Recommend pre-emptive solutions and mitigation strategies for the risks and problems that emerge in IT projects.


Develop a comprehensive project plan, inclusive of budgets and Gantt charts, via the use of project management software.

Assessment Instructions


Based on your approved business case, you are required to create a Project Management Plan to cover the following:


1.    Executive Summary

a)    Provide a high-level introduction of what your report will cover about theProject Management Plan

b)   Include the purpose of the Project Management Plan


2.    Project Goals

a)    Include a summary of what the project will achieve(at least 4)


3.    Scope Statement

a)    Expand the 2-levels WBS in assessment 1into a 4-levels WBS(refer to below example)

     The WBS will outline what are in-scope

b)   Out of scope(at least 4)

     This section details the work which are not included in this project so they should not be performed














WBS Example


4.    Time Management

a)    Develop a Gantt Chart using MS Excel, Gantt Project, or Project Libre based on the WBS

     Demonstration will be covered in Week7(Project Management Tools)


5.    Cost Management/Budget

a)    Develop a budget plan based on the WBS(Cover all level 4 WBS items)

     Hint: create a table to list items based on WBS and calculate the estimated cost

WBS items

Estimated Cost











6.    Team Management

a)    Develop a team/recourse plan(at least 6 team members)

     Hint: create a table to outline: Name, role, skills


7.    Communications Plan

a)    Develop a communications plan by using communication matrix(atleast6)

Communication Type


Meeting type






Start-up Meeting

Introduce the project team and the project.

Review project objectives and

management approach.

Face-to-face/ Conference call

Once off

Sponsor Project, Team Stakeholders

Project Manager

Project description. Meeting Minutes.









8.    Risk Analysis

a)    Analyse the risk by using Risk Matrix to cover:

     The major risks(atleast6)

     Their likelihood(rate1–5),the consequence on the project(rate1 –5)

     The cause of the risk

     The response that will be undertaken

     There sources that will be used in the response

     The owner of the risk is in terms of monitoring, acting, and reporting

b)   Provide at least 3 recommendations based on the risk analysis

Submission Instructions

·         Name your report document“Assessment2_Report_[Student ID]”

      Save it as a Word or PDF document format

·         Name your Excel/Gantt Project/Project Libre document“Assessment2_Gantt_[Student ID]”



Important Study Information Academic Integrity Policy

KBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy.


What is academic integrity and misconduct?

What are the penalties for academic misconduct?

What are the late penalties?

How can I appeal my grade?


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Word Limits for Written Assessments

Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than10% will cease to be marked from the point at which that limit is exceeded.


Study Assistance

Students may seek study assistance from their local Academic Learning Advisor or refer to the resources on the My KBS Academic Success Centre page. Click here for this information.


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